Medical Team Leader - Ukraine - M/F


Mission Location: Odessa

Alima will focus its efforts in South Ukraine to provide emergency primary health care and support to hospitals in the war zone of Mykolaiv Oblast and around. The main objective is to reduce the mortality and suffering among the population affected by the war in this area through 4 axes: 

    Reducing the morbidity and mortality associated with chronic disease and communicable diseases among the isolated population in Mykolaiv Oblast

    Reducing mental health burden through psychological care in Mykolaiv Oblast

    Supporting  hospitals to deliver trauma and intensive health care in Mykolaiv City 

    Ensuring a rapid response mechanism to delivered health care support to affected population



Line Manager

   Project Coordinator

  Directly manages Medical and Chirugical Activity Manager and Psychological activity Manager ; also collaborates with Logistic and RH managers.




  In collaboration with the Project Coordinator, analyze the medical context of the project area and suggest areas of intervention in line with ALIMA country policy and strategies.

   Organize and manage the implementation of medical activities in accordance with the proposals and ALIMA and National protocols.

   Coordinates referrals and counter-referrals of patients;

   Coordinate medical activities among activity managers to ensure smooth patient flow  across the various disciplines, and that individual efforts contribute to the overall project goal; the conduct of regular medical meetings is implemented.

   Ensure consistent adherence to diagnostic processes, rational use of diagnostic tests.

 Monitor and supervise the management of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment; focusing on consumption tracking, inventory and reporting. Conduct training in collaboration with the Pharmacy Manager for any knowledge gap identified.

   Organize in collaboration with the Pharmacy Management, biomedical services for  medical equipment’s maintenance.

   Contribute to national and international medical orders.

   Overall responsible for the management of the project medical data including indicator tracker table, ensure quality data collection at all sites, and update the ALIMA data reporting toll, ensure data collection tools are updated and available at all levels.

   Ensure all ALIMA supported Health Facilities are regularly provided with relevant tools (registers and forms) from the SMOH.

   Contribute to the donor, UN agencies (WHO, UNHCR, UNICEF, EMT and UNFPA) and MoH reporting.

   Participate on a monthly basis at the Health Cluster Meeting at the SMOH and prepare minutes with the Project Coordinator.

   Ensure epidemiological surveillance analysis.

  Monitor and ensure in collaboration with the Hospital IPC focal point that IPC measures are enforced and maintained following minimum acceptable standards across ALIMA supported  healthcare facilities. 

   Ensure that medical confidentiality is respected across ALIMA supported by healthcare facilities, and that all patients are duly informed of their illnesses and treatments.

   Ensure proper maintenance of medical records.

   Provide support medical’s manager in charge of conducting death audit, analysis and reporting in particular on the maternal death in the ward.

   Ensure and promote guaranteed respect and dignity of patients, their families and all employees across ALIMA supported by health care facilities.

  Participate in ALIMA facilitated rapid response mechanism (RRM) training, and will be part of the response team(where necessary) in the event of crisis (outbreaks and displacement).



    Analyze staff needs based on increased workload and/or knowledge/skill gap, propose the position(s) required in relation to the activity and define the profile(s) of these position(s).

    Organize and facilitate regular team meetings on a regular basis.

    Coordinate channel of communication and the flow of information among the medical team members.

    Participates in the administrative management of the medical team (absence/leave/replacements, etc.).

   Ensure that all ALIMA medical staff in Ukraine are provided with performance objectives that match to the projectives objectives, are escorded and evaluated at the end of the period.

   Contribute to the performance and skills assessment of the staff.

   In collaboration with the other senior medical staff, analyze knowledge/skill gaps of the staff,  define the needed training in line with the project objectives. facilitate the conduct of the appropriate training to resolve the identified gaps.

   Participate in the training, and coach team members.

   Responsible for project staff health, clearly interprets and implements the ALIMA staff health policy.



    Participate in the sharing information within the team.

    Collect information on the medical operation and report to the Project Coordinator to discuss ALIMA field sitrep on a weekly basis.

    Ensures the feedback of daily statistical data.

    Document cases of malfunctions/abnormalities observed, and good practices for analysis and capitalization purposes.



   Ensure that his/her team, partners (Ministry of Health) and community members are aware of ALIMA's AMTSL policy and have access to information (complaint escalation mechanism, focal point...).

   Facilitate and participate in the conduct of AMPS training and awareness sessions for his/her team.

   Apply standards relating to abuse prevention.

  Ensure that team members and partners involved in the project (Ministry of Health, national partners, etc.) attend training and awareness sessions and apply the abuse prevention rules.

   Contribute to creating and maintaining a nurturing and protective environment for his/her team, community members and partners involved in the project.

Experiences and Skills

  •         Medical Doctor Degree.

            Essential minimum 2 years’ experiences as a referent in medical activities Manager.

            Working experience with International medical NGO in developing countries is desirable

            Experience in a medical position in a context of armed conflict would be an asset

            Desirable: Post-registration experience in Public Health

            Fluency in English, Ukrainian, Russian is mandatory. French is an asset. 

            Essential computer literacy (word, excel, internet)

            Negotiation skills

            Strong interpersonal skills, team work


           Fluency in English is essential, in French is an asset

           Proficiency in a local language is an asset 


  • Duration and type of contract: 6 to 8 weeks

    Starting position: Summer 2022

    Salary: according to ALIMA scale + experience + per diem


    ALIMA supports:

    ·    Travel expenses between the expatriate's home country and the place of assignment

    ·      accommodation costs

    ·    2.08 days off per month

    ·    Daily per diem

    ·   Medical coverage from the first day of the contract to one month after the date of departure from the country of assignment for the employee and his/her dependents

    ·   The break policy every 3 months (for 6 months of the mission)

    ·    Evacuation for the employee.

How to apply

  • To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to our page.

    Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. ALIMA reserves the right to close the offer before the initial deadline if an application is accepted. Only complete applications (CV in PDF format + letter of motivation) will be considered.

    Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.