Logistics Coordinator - Khartoum - Sudan - M/F

Khartoum, Soudan


ALIMA has been present in Sudan since 2021 with projects in South Kordofan and Khartoum states responding to urgent health and nutrition needs of populations affected by conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2023, ALIMA plans to open a new project in North Darfur and expand the ongoing project in South Kordofan, depending upon the availability of donor funds. 

The coordination team, including the Logistics Coordinator, is based in Khartoum with several movements to the field in order to support the project team and ensure smooth operations on the ground. In addition to this support, the coordination will be responsible to analyze and propose new operations, renew and update the legal and administrative framework, and strengthen relations with Federal and state authorities, MoH, and partners (UN, INGOs, NGOs, and Donors) in the country.

ALIMA conducted two exploratory missions in Khartoum in May 2021 and one in South Kordofan in August 2021 which led to the opening of two projects and a subsequent exploratory mission in North Darfur in October 2022:

- In August 2021, ALIMA launched a project supporting the Omdurman Isolation Center in the capital Khartoum in collaboration with the Sudanese Federal Ministry of Health. ALIMA teams facilitated the management of COVID-19 cases in the center through human resources support and training, as well as providing medical supplies (medicines and equipment).  In February 2022, ALIMA worked to increase access to medical oxygen by installing a PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Oxygen Plant at the Al Shaab Hospital, a 350-bed specialist referral hospital for cardiac and respiratory diseases in Khartoum which also is designated as a referral COVID-19 Treatment Center for severe cases. The new PSA Oxygen Plant provides general wards and the operating theater direct access to oxygen. MoH staff have been trained in Oxygen Therapy for optimal case management and on preventive and curative maintenance of key biomedical equipment. 

In November 2021 ALIMA launched activities to support comprehensive emergency obstetrics and newborn care in the Maternity Department of the Kadugli Teaching Hospital in South Kordofan. In 2022, ALIMA increased its coverage of health and nutrition needs in the region with additional support for primary healthcare services at two public health centers and three mobile clinics in the Kadugli and Reif Arshargi localities. Subsequently, ALIMA further increased its activities supporting inpatient treatment in the Maternity and Paediatric wards.  In January 2023, ALIMA implemented a rapid response to the influx of over 6,500 people newly displaced by conflict in Al Lagawa (West Kordofan) gathered at the Kadugli Bus Station Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp.

In 2023, ALIMA will continue its activities in South Kordofan with additional nutrition activities for the treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) and open a new project in North Darfur to support primary healthcare centers in two IDP Camps and a nutrition Stabilization Center.

The main activities to come will consist of:

In the short term:

-    Obtain the necessary customs clearance and tax exemptions for the importation of international medical order;

-   Support the opening of a new project base in El Fasher, North Darfur:  Identify, assess, and the rental of an office and guesthouse, framework agreements with vendors for vehicles, fuel, etc.;

-   Coordinate the procurement and transportation of essential supplies and equipment for the start of new project activities in South Kordofan and North Darfur;

-    Recruit the necessary logistics staff to implement project activities.

In the mid-to-long term

-    Build the capacity of logistics staff in the mission and reinforce ALIMA’s policies and procedures;

-    Ensure close follow up and maintenance of ALIMA’s assets, equipment, and facilities;

-   Liaise with other humanitarian partners, UN agencies, and local and national authorities for the coordinated delivery of humanitarian assistance to beneficiaries.

MISSION LOCATION: Khartoum, Sudan, with frequent travels to the project areas.


- He/she reports to the Head of Mission-HoM (line manager).
- He/she refers technically to the Logistics Desk Referent.

- He/she is the referent for the Project Logistics Managers and the mission logistics teams.
- He/she works in close collaboration with the Coordinators (medical, logistics and projects, and other staff).


Level 3: As part of his/her duties, the incumbent will visit programs and come into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults. Therefore, a criminal record check or a certificate of good character will be required. In situations where a criminal record check or character reference is not available, a statement of good character will be required.  

MISSION: The Logistics Coordinator must define the objectives and technical orientations of the mission, propose strategies consistent to support the medical and humanitarian needs of the areas of intervention and provide technical support to all the mission's logistics teams.



  Participate actively in the elaboration and update of project planning, budgets proposals and any emergency operations, give support in strategies definition and providing advice to the HoM in the translation of the identified logistical / technical needs into objectives, priorities and resources needed for the mission;

   Establish a mission procurement plan in accordance with validation of expenditures scale

  Liaise will all supply chain actors (government authorities, private companies, INGO partners and clusters) and insure procurement of   Drugs; NFI and others in accordance with international and local laws. Both nationally and internationally.


 Follow up the activities and support the mission in the different sectors, which involve logistics: construction and rehabilitation, warehousing and supply of medical and non-medical material, transport, communications, water and sanitation, fleet and engines management, assets control, security and reporting, etc.;

   Implement and apply ALIMA harmonized validated procedures and documentation. Reinforce controls and enhance training on use;

 Accountable to ensure compliance of ALIMA standards, protocols and procedures. His role requests to report to the HoM on the development of the ongoing programs and proposing reorientation strategies, with contribution and technical approval of the Logistics Desk Manager, when needed.


 Responsible for the proper application of HR policies and associated processes (recruitment, capacity building (induction, coaching, training), briefing/debriefing and internal communication) in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required for the activities he/she is accountable for.

   Develop activities planning, action plans, appraisal & evaluation for Logistics managers and other national positions.

   Review and adapt consequently and timely all jobs description for the national logistics staff.

  Responsible for ensuring technical reference, supporting logistics teams on all technical issues in the mission, and providing basic guidelines and knowledge to programmes staff to follow procedures. He has to assume their implementation.


 Monitoring and follow up the registration, codification and tagging of all new assets, purchased or donated. Ensure that all in use equipment is recorded and tagged;

   Set and supervise a regular physical inventory of the assets list. Keep assets list updated;

 He is responsible for ensuring installation and maintenance of functional office space(s) and lodging facilities in an adequate living   condition as well as all the equipment required;

  Supervise the proper use and maintenance of IT (computers, software, backups, etc.), office, communication, transportation and energy equipment;

  Assume and raise reports on assets for each donor as references for audit and control. Proceed to enquiries/investigations in case of damages or lost on any asset for reporting.


  Elaborate, define and monitor technical aspects of the risk reduction policy, transport, communication, protection, identification and   preparation of the technical aspects of the mission security policy and guidelines, evacuation plan and contingency plan, performing day-     to day monitoring security rules observation and reporting of any problem to the HoM;

  Create an appropriate environment to facilitate exchange of information on security situations and will be the security back up in the absence of the HoM;

   Develop tools to proceed to elaborate a risk analysis report and update the different SOP’s (base, coordination and mission);

   Collect and compile all useful and right information from his network then to share timely within the mission or with dedicated staff;

  He has to establish good communication means in the Mission (including numbers & frequencies), allowing permanent communication between capital, projects, bases and HQ;

   Procure to all staff in the Mission benefits a welcome briefing on security SOP’s and from proper training on some topics like on how to use communications equipment (e.g. satellite phones, HF/VHF radios, computers, etc.);

   Manage plannings of trainings with organizations in charge of safety and security such as INSO or UNDSS;

   The role of the logistics coordinator is to ensure the setup of security measures and their application by all ALIMA staff in the mission.


 Analyze monthly projects reports, comments and send feedback to all logistics managers before consolidation of the monthly mission report;

  Provide, on weekly or monthly bases, reporting on activities from projects/mission evolution on the technical/logistics perspective and propose corrections if needed. Consult the logistics referent in case of amendment;

  Improve contents of report, monitor closely results of procurement follow up, stocks management and value, fuel consumptions and action points;

  Role and responsibility to ensure quality of reporting, exchanges and sharing of reliable information and data.


 Represent ALIMA in meetings with Authorities and other NGOs for technical/logistics or security related issues.

 Acting HoM for all issues  when he is assigned as his representative in his absence

Implementation of preventive measures against abuse of power, gender-based and sexual violence:

    ● Ensures that his/her team, partners, and community members are aware of ALIMA's policy and have access to information (complaint reporting mechanism, focal point, etc.);

      ●  Facilitates the organization of training and awareness sessions;

      ●  Implements standards for the prevention of abuse of power, gender-based violence, and sexual violence;

     ●  Ensures that the members of his/her team and those of the partners involved in the project (Ministry of Health, national partners, etc.) follow the training and awareness sessions and apply the rules of abuse prevention;

     ●  Contributes to creating and maintaining a nurturing and protective environment for the team, community members, and partners involved in the project.

This job description is not exhaustive and may be modified as the mission evolves.


  • Experiences

       Essential, Degree/diploma: Degree and specialization in Humanitarian Logistics

       Minimum of 2 years of demonstrable relevant logistics experience.

       Medical logistics knowledge (biomed equipment, wash, etc..) is an asset

       Working experience at management positions is essential.

       Working experience with International medical NGO, an asset.

       Experience in emergency and degraded security contexts strongly preferred

       Computer skills, including advanced level of Excel and GSuite

  • Qualities of the candidate

       Excellent organizational skills: The candidate must be able to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously, prioritize responsibilities, and ensure that all logistics operations are executed effectively and efficiently.

    ●  Strong problem-solving skills: The logistics coordinator must be able to anticipate and respond to challenges and develop innovative solutions to complex problems in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

     Effective communication skills: A logistics coordinator must have excellent communication skills to liaise with internal and external stakeholders, including team members, partners, suppliers, and beneficiaries. Effective communication is essential for the successful coordination of logistics operations.

       Flexibility and adaptability: A logistics coordinator must be able to work in unpredictable and challenging environments, often with limited resources and under tight deadlines. They must be adaptable and flexible in their approach to overcome unexpected obstacles and adjust to changing circumstances.

     Technical expertise: The logistics coordinator must have technical expertise in logistics and supply chain management, including procurement, transportation, warehousing, and inventory management. They must be familiar with relevant laws and regulations and possess knowledge of best practices in logistics for humanitarian aid operations.

  • Languages

       Fluency in English (oral and written) essential;

    ●  Fluency in Arabic or French is an asset.


    • Contract term: 6 months renewable

      Desired start date:  May 2023

      Salary: Depending on experience + Perdiem

    • ALIMA pays for:

         Travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the mission location

         Accommodation costs

         Medical cover from the first day of the contract to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee and their dependents

         Evacuation of the employee


    • To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to our page.

    • Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. ALIMA reserves the right to close the offer before the initial deadline if an application is accepted. Only complete applications (CV in PDF format + cover letter in PDF format) will be considered.

    • Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.